Laneway Festival – Time Off 5 March 2008

Upon ascending The Zoo’s staircase, the pleasant melodies of multi-membered local folk group The Gin Club are evidently an enticing prospect for the considerable crowd of earlybirds at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. It’s a strange sight to see every corner of The Zoo bathed in the first day of autumn’s brilliant sunlight, filtering in through the window. Frontman Ben Salter announces defiantly that they’re only playing “new songs” today, from their album Junk. “It’s actually a double album!”, adds another Club member with barely-contained excitement.

They each have every reason to be proud and excited for the year ahead: the fruits of their labours sound cohesive, memorable and above all else, damned enjoyable. After a couple of comparably heavier tunes, Salter remarks with a grin that the band has “almost unanimously dropped acoustic guitars for epic space-rock jams”. Whatever their direction, the large audience of friends and fans in attendance – many of whom are sampling their first imported beer of the day – will undoubtedly follow

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With Ben Salter humorously hinting that the following is a song about what not to do at uni, The Gin Club open a superb set with ‘Drug Flowers’, followed by brilliant new number ‘Company Kept’. After Salter introduces the newest member to the club, Matt Schneider on drums, Scott Regan steps up to the mic for a one-two of ‘I Was A Young Boy’ and ‘Days’.

It’s typical Gin Club musical chairs onstage as the talented bunch impressively swap instruments and roles from song to song. They close what was to be the highlight set of the day with their amazing new single ‘Ten Paces Away’
Ignition – Time Off 27 February 2008

The Gin Club’s Green Stage show is full of firsts: first act of the day, first BDO for the band, and the first time the current nine-piece line-up has been on stage together. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, so they deserve much respect for delivering a very solid set of their melancholic pop-rock.
Rave – Big Day Out Review 5 Feb 2008

Over at the Green Stage, things get moving courtesy of Brisbane’s prime exporters of fine alt-country, The Gin Club. ‘Drugflowers’ from 2005’s Fear Of The Sea goes down a treat, as do the many unreleased tracks from their upcoming double album Junk, which looks set to be a stunner. All nine members swap instruments and share vocal duties, which gives the set a wonderful variety. Despite this, their sound is a steady amalgam of The Band, The Drones and Neil Young, mixed of course, with their own highly original flourishes.
Big Day Out Time Off 23 January 2008