“The whole reason why the fourth album from Brisbane’s own Gin Club works so well is because of the camaraderie, the harmony, the cohesion. Songs are chapters in books are echoes of drunken arguments are stabs at honest dénouements are finely edited stories are breathtaking slices of multi-layered musical beauty. Disparate voices pick up the trail from other owners at various points, but the feeling of cohesion never stops, not for a moment.. one of the most striking aspects of Deathwish is that everything hangs together so well: like an album from the mists of rock made by one of those bearded groups that liked to board trains and go touring America for months on end (The Band, or Canned Heat, or Flying Burrito Brothers, say), the music gels so brilliantly because it has been played out so often. Discussed and had many drinks quaffed over, and ceased long ago to be a mere exercise in putting voice and instruments and melodies and rhythm together. Like The Triffids and The Drones before them, The Gin Club have worked in an additional aspect to their music – the sort of feeling years spent in a studio simply can’t attain. The Gin Club make the sort of music every bar band and Bad Seeds fanatic across the length of Australia aspires to make, but seldom does..”

Everett True on The Vine website, June 10th 2010.

“The Gin Club – a collective of songwriters who met at an open-mic night in a Brisbane pub – has grown into one of the finest bands in the country. Musicians love them – Tim Rogers and The Drones are fans – and with 2008’s powerful Junk, and now this excellent fourth album, word is spreading to a wider audience.”

Noel Mengel in The Daily Telegraph, Sydney, Saturday 5th of June 2010

“A homespun Gin Club are a good time, but a pricked and ruffled Gin Club burn like a naked flame.. This distillation of this band’s music is not a deathwish, but their saving grace! **** ”

Richard Alvarez in Time Off, Brisbane, Wednesday 23rd June 2010.

“Brace yourself nostalgists, The Gin Club’s fifth studio album (including both discs on double album ‘Junk) proves that there are indeed two types of bands. Bands that helicopter to the top of the mountain, bask in the summit sun, only to less than gracefully fall down with every subsequent release. Or there are bands like The Gin Club, who have spent the last five years together toiling up a mountain to reach the perfect collection of songs that will define them as songwriters. Deathwish sees the band very much in sight of their summit. It’s their best and most consistent yet.”

Scene Magazine Album review, June 2010

“Not all collectives degenerate into dysfunction: there are those that provide the exception to the rule. With Deathwish, The Gin Club have confirmed the quality of their collective psychology and artistic vision. All power to it.”

Patrick Emery in Beat, Melbourne, Wednesday 16th June 2010.

“ Although still something of a ‘best kept secret’ on a national scale, these cultish roots rockers seem to move closer and closer to mainstream acceptance with each release. New album Deathwish might even get them within coo-ee of actual commercial success, but even if it doesn’t , they’ve got a quality rock’n’roll album under their belt. ****1/2 “

Matt Thrower in Rave Magazine, Brisbane, Tuesday 22nd June 2010

“The epic darkness of the title track recalls Dinosaur Jr and The Drones, while the rambling lament of ‘Do Right’ and and the driving ‘Eternity’ are both high points on a consistently exceptional album.‘Album of the Week’”

Catherine Gale in The Burnie Advocate, Wednesday 23rd June 2010.

“The Gin Club are revered in their native Brisbane, and herein lies 13 more reminders why. From the urgent ‘Pennies’ to the regal, conclusive ‘Shake Hands’, Deathwish finds them concentrating their efforts toward a singular goal of potent, resonant songwriting. Where their previous albums have been let down by the occasional wayward jaunt, there are no such weaknesses to be found here.”

Andrew McMillen on Mess + Noise website, June 8th 2010

“It’s hard to tire of Deathwish when every song is like a completely different chapter, written by a different author who’s been influenced by divergent tastes.”

Andrew McMillen on Mess + Noise website.


“ ..(a) rockin’ folk-country romp that switches from acoustic neo-savage to eclectic electric beauty without letting up in quality.”

Luke Monks reviewing the Deathwish album launch at the Annandale Hotel in Sydney, Drum Media, Tuesday 22nd of June 2010

“An utter absence of ego plays a large part in why The Gin Club work so well together. There are no prima donnas, just a handful of people united in pursuit of perfect songs. They run through 22 of those without showing fatigue or disinterest, even though 1.30am approaches and their sound guy wants to watch the World Cup. Following a raucous, room-wide singalong to old favourite ‘Wylde Bitch’, their final four tracks are eked out with urgency. They tear through a cover of Ween’s ‘Object’, Junk album opener ‘Ten Paces Away’, an awesome impromptu take on Pearl Jam’s ‘Rearviewmirror’ – “I haven’t had that much fun in years!”, exclaims Macdonald at song’s end – and Scott Regan’s brooding rock gem, ‘Days’. One launch down, two to go: The Gin Club, still Brisbane’s best band.”

Andrew McMillen, reviewing Deathwish album launch on 2nd July 2010 at The Troubadour, The Vine Website.

“Changeability works in The Gin Club’s favour as they dissipate across the stage when one song ends, then rise together in total cohesion in the midst of the next one.. From my island, experiencing this ebb and flow is like observing some serious tidal action and wishing I had a tougher tinny.”

Alice Body reviewing the Deathwish album launch at the East Brunswick Club, Melbourne, InPress Magazine, Wednesday 23rd of June 2010.

“By the end of the night it was hard to tell if we were at a venue or if we had all stumbled into a jam session at a 70’s house party. This was rock music at its most authentic; a group of people sharing music with no ego, pomp or ceremony. This is The Gin Club.”

Kirsty Visman reviewing the Deathwish album launch on the 3rd of July at The Troubadour, Brisbane, Word on the Street website.