Hissy Fit Vol 1

2009. Hissy Fit is a collection of rarities, B-sides, out-takes and live recordings. Volume 1 includes tracks dating back to the very beginnings of The Gin Club, and most of them can’t be found anywhere else.

Recorded at various live gigs, home recording sessions, impromptu jam-sessions and university dorm-rooms, these songs come from regular Gin Club members as well as part-time collaborators and occasional conspirators.

1. Ten Channel News
2. Jim
3. Lily’s Song
4. Juniper Snus
5. Country Fair
6. Leonara
7. Where Am I Sleeping?
8. Hometown Girls
9. Drugflowers
10. Pterodactyl
11. River Song
12. Last Night O Dreamt I Was Chasing You
13. Amish Song
14. Waiting In Line
15. Drunk With You
16. Waltzing Song
17. You’ll Never Find True Love (At The Paddo)
18. Half A Day
19. Cinnamon Coated
20. Cinderella
21. Older Woman, Younger Man

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