Plus One Records. Format: 2 CD. Cat#: P1-15. Release: March 2008
The Gin Club recorded their third album Junk with ARIA award-winning producer Magoo. The album saw the band draw on their outstanding depth of talent, broadening some horizons, yet retaining the honesty and grit that have earned them such a loyal following thus far.

1. Ten Paces Away (Salter)
2. Already Gone (Stoyles)
3. Company Kept (Karlsson)
4. Days (Regan)
5. On A Mountain (Macdonald)
6. Coming Round (Pickersgill)
7. Something Rotten (Salter/Agars/Rogers)
8. An Horse (Macdonald)
9. Down In The Valley (Karlsson)
10. Long Long Time (Regan)
11. The Fall (Pickersgill)
12. All Your Men (Salter/Macdonald)
13. Abigail (Karlsson)

1. Junk (Lewis)
2. Tell Me (Regan)
3. Girl Kills Man (Stoyles)
4. White Smoke, Black Heart (Pickersgill)
5. Minnesota (Karlsson)
6. Brisbane, 1933 (Macdonald)
7. Gas Guzzler (Salter)
8. Brother (Stoyles)
9. Waiting In Line (Regan)
10. You, Me & The Sea (Salter)
11. Boat, You’ve Been Drinking
12. Lies (Stoyles)
13. Julia (Karlsson)

“With this third album, they’ve harnessed all that creative energy and ambition and crafted a recording with all the beauty and terror an inexorable force of rock music at its finest. Don’t miss it.”
Noel Mengel, The Courier Mail

“It’s difficult to do justice to this sprawling epic using mere words, but suffice to say Junk is a peerless record of world class standard – that an album of this quality has been made in our own backyard makes one proud to be associated with the Brisbane musical fraternity. Exquisite.”
Steve Bell, Time Off

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