Southern Lights

Released 15 December 2014 / Plus One records

1. Dancing With The Ghost – A. Stoyles
2. Everything About You – B. Salter
3. Capricornia – C. Macdonald
4. Alcatraz – S. Regan
5. Brave New World – B. Pickersgill
6. Southern Lights – A. Stoyles
7. Two Beats – O. Karlsson
8. Proud Donkey – C. Macdonald
9. Just Don’t Rain – B. Pickersgill
10. Swing Low – O. Karlsson

Angus Agars
Ola Karlsson
Bridget Lewis
Conor Macdonald
Dan Mansfield
Brad Pickersgill
Scotty Regan
Ben Salter
Adrian Stoyles

Recorded by Murray Pass at Prior Park, Queensland, April 2013
Additional recording by Donovan Miller, Scotty Regan and Dan Mansfield.

Mixed by Magoo.

Mastered by Steve Smart at 101

All tracks written, performed and produced by The Gin Club except: Slide guitar on “Just Don’t Rain” performed by Declan Kenrick, Violin on “Southern Lights” performed by Rhiannon Fenn, Backing vocals on “Everything About You” by Rose Stunzner, Backing vocals on “Two Beats” by Kate Jacobson.

THANK YOU: Simon Homer, Denise Foley, Rudy and Queenie; Bow Campbell, Jessamine Davies, Steve Bell, Michaela Friedman, Peter, Yvette, Nat, Lulu and Dan McBain, Josef Grech, Anne, Gordon, Clare & Rose Stunzner, Murray Paas, Ivan Johnston, Ben Lawless, and all our families and friends who continue to support us.